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Hi everyone, first of all welcome to my site and I hope you've found its content useful and/or interesting.

Alberto O. Pareja-Lecaros

I'm a 22 year old student currently pursuing my Masters in Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. I've been interested in programming software for most of my life but have only in the last few years begun to appreciate the entire software development process, from gathering requirements to design work to testing. Sufficed to say I've come a long way from my naive programming ways.

My wanting to engineer software began back when I first starting using a computer at the age of four. I was intensely interested in playing games on the computer, but furthermore, had always wondered how such games were created. It seemed like it would be pretty difficult, or so I thought. In the fourth grade I picked up a book on programming in Quick Basic for kids. I thought wow, perhaps I'll actually be able to learn this stuff. So I checked out the book and worked on every single example in the book in a few hours (the book was fairly short), and in that time I learned about print statements, if statements, for loops, and while loops. It was incredible. For the first time I could create my own games on the computer. I thought that was pretty sweet then.

So I took off. I began making little text-based games. Eventually I outgrew simply being able to print stuff and looping it and whatnot, so I borrowed my dad's Microsoft QBasic 6.0 book, which contained every command available in the language. I would pick out commands that seemed simple to understand and tried them out. Soon enough I was drawing lines on the screen, making bouncing balls, and playing PC speaker sounds.

In my freshman year of high school I took my first programming course in Java, which taught me how to use Java to perform complicated mathematical procedures (well, complicated for me at the time) such as drawing 3-D vectors and working with imaginary numbers as are present in the Mandelbrot set and the Julia set. I also worked out Tower of Hanoi and other such recursive problems. My sophomore year I took AP Computer Science and learned the intricacies of object oriented programming, complete with learning about objects, polymorphism, inheritance, collections, and even sorting and searching algorithms.

I got into more advanced programming my last two years of high school. In my junior year I took both AI and Computer Architecture. AI taught me not only the Python programming language, but also how to program different heuristical algorithms. In my Computer Architecture class I learned all about binary and hexidecimal numbers, performing bit operations, and programmed in assembly using MIPS. In my senior year I contributed to a 3-D space simulation by working on networking different machines to the same running model.

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where I've learned a great deal about the software development process and applying my knowledge of computer languages and algorithms. I've since enhanced this knowledge and continue to do so whenever I can. My studies have included data communication and networks, cryptography, distributed systems, software requirements and specifications, software usability, low and high level software design, and software verification and validation.

My spare time is spent mostly programming, either on web projects or on learning other technologies and languages. I also play the guitar and love watching Star Trek episodes (I'm a bit of a fan, although I won't say I'm a trekkie).