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Furniture and PyQ Docs

Furniture! You have no idea how nice it is to finally be at a desk after almost three weeks of slugging it out on a rather uncomfortable floor. I feel like I can finally get something accomplished. The wheels on my desk chair don’t quite roll yet and that’s a bit annoying, although I’m sure with use the chair will stop sliding and the wheels will actually feel like turning. As it is now, the wheels are too stiff to rotate much. So that’s that.

In other news, PyQ development has not quite begun yet, but preliminary requirements documents have been written and are uploaded to the repository. The documents we’ve decided will all be written in LaTeX, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. I’m getting quite used to the LaTeX macros, as it makes formatting your documents soooo much easier once you get used to it. Currently the Vision and Scope document and the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) are up, although both are a little incomplete (the SRS is a lot incomplete, the features of the system haven’t been written out yet.

Oh, I’ve given up on trying to get Apache with FastCGI working with Django on Windows 7 for now. It’s been way too much of a hassle, although I still feel it should be doable. I’ll try it again later, since everything is still installed and well, it doesn’t really interfere with Python’s built-in development server.

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