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Note: My earlier code is pretty messy, hardly understandable, and has plenty of commented out lines that should be nuked. I may or may not clean them up at a later point in time.

Quick Basic Programs

Executable version Source code (in case downloading exes is scary for you)

Alas, the only QBasic program of mine to survive. It's just a little map with a smiley face guy you can move around with the arrow keys. I planned on him not being able to move through trees but I was young then and never managed to get it working. It would be trivial to implement these days.

High School Python Programs

Othello-Playing AI's

This is an Othello program that I had to make an AI for in my AI class. In the course each student made their own AI's that played the game, and then we tested our AI's by having them play each other. It was a lot of fun, and I thought that having the program run on the web would be cool, so I created a Pythonic CGI script which runs this program. Please note that my high school teacher does deserve some of the credit for writing the initial code for the Othello Referee. Go ahead and give it a shot if you have the time.

High School Assembly Programs

Mean Median Mode Calculator

In my Computer Architecture class I had to write a program in assembly that calculated the mean, median, and mode of a list of values. The tricky part about this assignment was the fact that the list of values was not already sorted, so I had to implement the bubble sort on top of the other functions I needed to implement. We used SPIM, a simulator that runs MIPS32 assembly programs, but any simulator will do in order to run this program.

High School C Programming

Matrix Manipulator

This program adds, subtracts, multiplies, takes the inverse, transposes, scales, and takes the determinant of matrices. This was written for my computer architecture class and gave me at least an introduction to the world of C.

High School Programs In Java

Bleed Letters

This was an attempt at making letters "bleed". It was supposed to look sort of like at the beginning of the Matrix, which we actually watched in class for the first ten minutes as an introduction to this assignment.

Capitalism (Executable Jar) Capitalism (Source files)

Capitalism was my final project in sophomore year. You'll see it was a two person effort and actually is a complete threading and GUI disaster. The game mechanics themselves work out great. I'll explain how to play the game soon enough.

Chat Server

This is more of a nostalgic program than a show of prowess. It was the first time that I had barely successfully implemented a working chat program that works across the network. This program works by starting the server and having clients connect to it. Then they can chat away. This program uses up almost your entire CPU because of the inefficiencies of listening for messages. Use at your own risk.


Cube is my very first 3-D vector program. Because the version of Java we were using back then was primitive (I believe it was still 1.3) and the computers old, the graphics rendering looked much better and the cube rotated much more slowly. You can at least sort of tell that it's a rotating cube.


This is my very first Java program. Again, primitive GUI drawing, but it was also my very first time using Java. Ever.

Julia Set

My implementation of the Julia set, a fractal. This one is animated, and has to do with imaginary numbers. It makes for a cool effect that you can sort of see.

Mandelbrot Set

This is the more known Mandelbrot set, which is a recursive fractal that requires the use of imaginary numbers. Cool stuff.


This program is another 3-D vector program. This time I'm spinning a torus. If you understand the math you can play with the values and alter the angle at which the torus spins and its speed.


This program draws webs in the four corners of its frame. It's mostly just a math implementation, but still a cool looking thing.

College Programming

I still have to scrounge up programs for this section. Stay tuned for updates.